Professional Profile

RODEng Consulting LLP is a London based independent Consultancy with more than 16 years of dedicated experience in the field of Power Generation projects.

Through contracts with UK, European and US companies we have worked on Power projects in all 6 continents. Our experience has been in all aspects of Power provision from conceptual design phase, through detailed design and specification, through tender phase, installation, commissioning, system integration and through to specific fault finding on existing installations.

Our projects range from Standby Emergency Power, to Continuous Baseload operating Island Mode installations, and a history in developing schemes for generation to support National Grid and the Capacity Market.

Specialist Sectors

RODEng Consulting LLP offer all aspects of Mechanical Design Services in relations to the Application and Installation of Diesel and Gas engine driven Generator systems.
We offer a variety of services to various industry sectors such as:

• High End Residential Developments
• Hotel & Recreation Facilities
• Standby Power Systems (Lifesafety)
• National Grid Support (STOR)
• Building Services
• Financial Sector
• Healthcare Sector
• United Nations
• Data Centres
• Construction & Project Management with our Partners @ D&JR Construction

Industry Associations and Accreditations